The amazing grace

quote gSame-sex marriages are sacramental because they are a reflection of the larger grace-filled relationship between God and humanity. The classical theological definition of a sacrament — including baptism, eucharist and marriage — is that it is a visible and external sign of God’s invisible grace. Same-sex marriages are holy because they are vehicles in which we can experience and gain a deeper understanding of God’s unearned and unmerited love for us … It’s surprising to me that the leaders of the religious right … have overlooked (or ignored) the centrality of grace in their reflections upon same-sex marriage. Their narrow definition of marriage, based upon procreation and the complementarity of sexual organs, is an insult to the larger Christian message about God’s extravagant grace-filled relationship with humanity. By focusing so closely upon the trees, they lose sight of the larger forest that is God’s amazing grace.

Religion & Gay Marriage: The Amazing Grace of Same-Sex Marriage by Reverend Patrick  S. Cheng


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